Perfect Containment.

Claire Vivier Clutch here.  Ted Baker Pencil Case. Lippman Nail Set

Great products require great packaging. A few of my selections for storing and utilizing my favorites:
This Lay/N/Go system is a brilliant way to store and travel with cosmetics! It’s proof that there are so many simple inventions out there that are yet to be created. It keeps your makeup clean and away from uncertain hotel countertops or tables and provides a neat spread to lay out all your products and then when you draw the string, you are all packed up in one clean swipe. I wish they had a larger capacity style for makeup, since I tend to fill these up very fast.  DV8T6591

Another recent discovery: buying bulk sets of small airless pumps, foamer pumpsspray bottles, and eye droppers and depotting shampoo, skincare, serums, foundation, perfume, etc. into them for light, easy & leakproof travel use. Liberating.