Davines Euphoria

Davines NaturaltechThere are three criteria I use when I buy shampoo: smell, smell, and smell! I kid, but if it’s shampoo or conditioner we’re talking about it, I will both buy and use it like crazy – if it smells clean, yet subtly perfumed, with just the right amount of powdery, non-fruity (yikes), musky, or floral touches (or any combination of the above). Even better if it’s high performance. Hence my long time commitment to Kerastase Lait Vital. I heard the fragrance base for this lightweight but somehow deeply hydrating conditioner is Chanel Coco, and I was not the least bit surprised when I heard, since I have worn Coco relentlessly since the winter of 1994. That’s how strong fragrance and memories link up, by the way – I even remember what I was wearing the night I had taken the risk of spraying on that random perfume sample I had scored in my Chanel gratis at the counter earlier that day. A few hours later, I was acting a bit like an addict, looking for moments when no one was looking so I could deeply inhale the scent from my wrist or my sweater. Yeah, addict.

So scent, and really, really, wonderful scent, is a proven force. Davines harnesses that force like an expert. Their dry shampoo, the better-named Hair Refresher, is the perfect dry shampoo. Use it anytime, it has zero of that chemically essence that most dry shampoos have! It smells like you have just washed your hair (with a great smelling shampoo), and it has no sticky, tacky, gunkiness that you may be in denial of, but you know your dry shampoo is creating. It creates light volume, not sky-high editorial hair, of course. But for natural everyday wear, and serious refreshing, it’s the one.

Melu Shampoo is a nourishing, protein formula shampoo that smells like heaven. It’s just so unique in it’s scent – again a fresh but creamy one you have to smell to understand. Leave it to the Italians. The Melu Shield Spray is a family staple for taking bedhead to groomed locks on busy mornings as well as detangling after washing. It gives hair body, shine, and substance and has a light version of the Melu signature scent.

Recently I discovered the Solu Shampoo, their deep cleansing, yet very gentle, almost medicinal scalp reviving shampoo. I love it. It gets all the sweat, product, pollen, and who know what else out in one shampoo, smells lightly herbal (great for men…) and I use it about three times a week, steady. The NaturalTech line is an intriguing world within Davines that I am just delving into  – first with the Rebalancing Shampoo. It is terrific for days I know will be hot, humid, sweaty, or stressful and I know my scalp need extra fortification again the dreaded oily hair syndrome.

Oi PIc

The Oi All in One Milk stands in a class by itself. It’s musky, heady scent catapults it into a new product category. It doubles as a hair polishing potion and perfume in one. The scent is fantastic albeit strong, but since it’s on the hair it will float about a bit more and feel more dimensional than your usual perfume. It relies on roucou oil which reminds of my all-time favorite and hard to find body oil, St. Barth Roucou tanning oil, which is just decadent. Oi Milk defrizzes, smoothes and plumps your strands, very much all you could ever ask for in one little convenient and chic black bottle. I’m going back for more Oi, probably in the shampoo form: wait, I went for the link and there was the Oi body balm. Uh, sold.

Give me a few bottles of Davines in the bath, give me euphoria.