Noisetier & Why you need a fragrance guide @ Diptyque

Scents are such an influential element. We know this. But our noses can only handle sniffing a precious few stronger smells before a phenomenon called olfactory fatigue kicks in and suddenly you can no longer detect whatever notes you had smelled moments prior. It’s why we don’t smell our own body scents. So, while entering a Dipytque boutique appears to the stuff of daydreams for a fragrancephile like myself, it has its downsides. As in, the clock is ticking sister. You have about three chances to i.d. your new scent du jour, before your nose ends up really confused and either shuts down completely or can’t tell you if you are smelling pine or pancakes. So much pressure…


Enter the Diptyque sales associate. Generally, I am not a fan of sales associates. Generally, I like to explore at my own rhythm and prefer to be left alone, but in this case, the sales associate is the difference between me leaving headache-y and empty handed or happily toting home a new burn.

SA: “Looking for anything in particular?”

Me: “Um…something nutty. I’m thinking I don’t want Williams and Sonoma cookies, but I’m tired of citrus, and I’m in the mood for something warm”

SA: “Do you like hazelnut?”

Me: “How did you know?”

SA: “Noisetier.”

Me: “Noisy…huh?”

Then she promptly picked up a candle off the shelves of hundreds, banged it on a cutting board of sorts, knocking the candle clear out off the jar. It was startling, and I was thinking she was going to have me lean over and sniff the candle, but instead she handed me the empty jar to inhale. Theatre!

Me: “Oh. Peeeeeerfect.”

Done. In 5 minutes flat, I left happy and ready to anoint the whole household in Noisetier. It’s definitely not like any hazelnut I have ever smelled, nor anything you could get at Bath and Body Works, so rule out all those sugary sweet notions immediately. It’s deep, woodsy, the slightest bit smoky, and natural. Very Christmas-y, but not something you would only burn at Christmas. It definitely affects your mood and prompts you to do things like turn some music on, grab a great book, or start a slow pot on the stove. Like a warm blanket for the air.