Spa in a Jar | Natura Bisse Diamond Cream

Is it the Rolex of skin care? I think it should be, at $295 a jar. That’s ultimately why I think my studied investment in a jar of Natura Bisse Diamond Cream sat perfectly untouched on my countertop for what seemed like way too long. It’s the whole overly precious thing – its price per ounce made me hesitant to dig in, and to begin diminishing my supply seemed so – hasty. Like a doomsday prepper, maybe I wanted to save it for that day when there was no other cream left in the world, and by then the cost would’t really matter anyway. But one recent night I was too tired, busied, and dehydrated to care; while I did take the time to use swab and not my finger in the precious jar, I dug in and dolloped a generous swath of onto my cheeks and massaged it in before I retreated to dreamland. I needed serious skin recovery and did not have time to think about it. For my embarrassingly large collection of creams, serums, and the like, there are very few mornings that I wake up and ask “WHAT did I use on my face last night?” Due to clarity, evenness, brightness and softness of my normally tired morning facial skin. This was one of them. It actually may have been the best of them. Clarity and a healthy glow radiated from my morning face – which I usually avoid looking at until I had a little skin prep, including a light wash and moisturizer plus removal of any eye makeup remnants that appeared overnight. This was my favorite morning face ever. I. AM. HOOKED. I’ve been using it every night since, and I swear the last five years are becoming quickly irrelevant to my face (read: marionette lines, smile lines, and frown lines, plus a significant loss of elasticity, or the over 30 downslide) Someone told me I looked twenty four; hey, that was fun. Good investment; I vote yes.

Two of the main ingredients (#5 and #6) in Diamond Cream are rosa canine oil and shea butter, and the cream claims is Olio-Collagen Complex (a mix of minerals & hydrolyzed collagen) are responsible for the dramatic firming and toning effect. My skin tends to love minerals and responds very happily to them, this cream being the most exceptional at renovating tired, worn out skin. If you like mineral based skincare, I would say this is a solid choice since while firming, plumping and tightening are the strength of most mineral formulas, Diamond Cream has the advantage of also being superbly moisturizing, even to my desert dry skin that tends to drink oil like water. I’m so glad I delved into my Diamond before the end of days…and I can’t help but be curious about the rest of the Diamond line now.
DV8T7161 DV8T7163Side note: back when I very first experimented with Diamond and some other Natura Bisse products through sampling, I did experience a few little reactive spots appearing immediately. The sales associate informed me that this was my skin reacting to the very active ingredients. I have also had a Darphin facialist give me the same advice, so perhaps it’s true. I’m not a dermatologist, so I don’t know if it’s true or just a sales pitch to prevent returns. However, the sales associate said they would go away in a week two though, and that they did. Maybe relevant to you if you are curious about the line.