Sparkling Standby, Guerlain Secret De Purete


This cleanser is a refreshing, feminine scented (lightly floral and very fresh at the same time) ode to royal skincare. It feels so luxurious, like something a Russian princess would wash her face with – something so Lena Perminova, fantasy world stuff. And of all places, I picked it up at an Icelandic pharmacy, where you can buy everything from ibuprofen to Chanel. Kind of like wonderland. Anyway I keep in steady¬†stock. It’s really just wonderful.

It has teeny tiny lotus crystals for exfoliation, and it’s the only physical exfoliant my skin tolerates without red outrage. And it’s shimmery like snowflakes, which I have a deep weakness for. In my favorite ritual, I use it to remove oil cleanser and any dead skin cells, and it is never irritating. I also kind of have a thing for Guerlain everything. You will see much more Guerlain appearing here at ABKreativ…