Sleeper Hit | Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm

Just when I go and open my silly, over lip-balmed mouth and claim I’d found the best lip balm in the world, I am suddenly reminded of the reason that curating beauty is actually a ‘thing’. Finding and sourcing beauty products, colors, and skin concoctions is an ever-evolving and elemental process in the purest sense of the word. In other words, not only does every little color, chemical, mineral, or other variation affect the way a product interacts with us; we ourselves are living, breathing, moving target for these products since we are constantly shifting our environment and changing in biological state as well. Hence the quest-like and concierge-esque nature of finding product matches. If you love it, it’s a justifiable diversion, but if you lack the time to constantly update, revaluate, and discover -(like most of us do) man, it is simply frustrating. Wait, was I talking about lip balm? Yes I was. Basically I thought I’d the found the one and only lip balm for me and for the last several years of incessant lip balm buying and trying had seen no worthy competitor. Until I saw Omorovicza had released a lip balm. Click, purchase, no blinking, and a week or so later, my suspicions proved way more than true. Suffice to say, every night that very last step before turning in (the layering of the lips with of a slab of the thickest balm known to man) has become quite – well, divided. Now I dart glances between the luscious pot of Omorovicza and it’s now iron clad competition, Sisley Confort Levres for a moment or two before selecting the lucky winner of the evening. Listen, you can’t go wrong with either. Sisley’s version seems to disappear into the lips a little faster, albeit while keeping them somehow perfectly moisturized. The Omorovicza balm has a little more slip and oiliness and is a shade softer in texture, so it melts a little faster. But it remarkably blankets the lips in swaths of oils and mineral nutrition that I a so happy someone took the time to cook up back in their Hungarian labs. One of the most interesting places in the world, no doubt. Hungarian beauty labs. Hmmmm….

DV8T7245Omorovicza’s art department making it way too hard to throw away the box!