Winter Weaponry P.1 | Teaching Your Skin How to Behave in the Cold


Hmmm, it’s a good high of eight degrees fahrenheit today here in Whitefish. So, before I start my winter product deluge – which is oh so coming on this blog this season, (cause I promise your skin can be really good in deep winter…) let me begin with saying that I am from the good old deep south. The hot, humid, south. Georgia. South Carolina. For some reason I later migrated to Texas. So, if I can love deep winter, anyone can. I find the number of people from my home states that absolutely bawk at the idea of cold winters amazing. Hysterical. Say “Montana” and watch them shudder. Then I always say, “You just need to know how to dress!” You won’t freeze if you dress correctly for the climate. Winter is not the enemy. Soldiers adapt and overcome, and we can too. However, I admit we, like any good soldier, need weapons to do so. With the right weapons and know how, though, winter can actually be a golden season for skin. Blemishes altogether disappear. It’s THE BEST time to go for a cozy spa day or two. And it’s an excuse to pull out all the stops and lather on the richest oils and creams available. I’m always on the lookout for the richer, the creamier, the even more moisturizing stuff that’s out there. Enter Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil. I know it’s priced like it’s pure 24K gold, but I am starting to be convinced that it could hold its own in that category. I am not in love with “dry oils” in general. They are just what they say they are…and I want emollient, quenching oils that seal the moisture barrier in my skin and lock out pollutants as well. But I guess some people don’t want that fairly oily leftover layer (which admittedly is no good in the a.m. pre-makeup), so that’s why the idea of dry oil was born. The reason Sisley Black Rose Precious Oil stands out and whittles it way out the competition bottle for bottle?  It sinks in like magic. Yet it achieves that moisture locking and plumping effect of the wettest oils I have tried. So guess what? You can have your rich oil at night and in the morning too! The texture of the oil is innovative and almost gel like, and when you rub it in, you have free slippage to massage and then in about 30-60 seconds, no more slipperiness, just transformed skin with the key words I can’t say enough: locked-in moisture. This is a pure gem both in the facial skin integrity and winter warfare department. So if either is a priority for you, the Black Rose Oil is a win-win situation. Oh, and it smells divine, of refined rose and cream. An utterly pampering and sensual oil.