Winter Weaponry P.3 | Help for Hair in the Dry Air

These four nearly empties are telltale of how much help I need with the frizz in my life this time of year. As much help as I need, what I really don’t need is the weighed-down effects that come with most frizz eliminating products. These four guys have my thumbs up for keeping hair up not down, and of course I can’t cope with a hair product that doesn’t smell good, so they all have an equally pleasant aroma and I keep these close by most of the time, but especially in the winter. [left to right]

Klorane Brilliance Intense Protection Et Demelage – This hairspray is the best thing that ever happened to morning bedhead. The magnolia flower smell is amazing, and the light shine and control the spray imparts is divine. It moisturizes very well and leaves no residue. There’s no comparable product to this that I have found. You can spray it on wet hair, but it really works it magic on dry unruly hair. A light spray over, and a good brushing through and my hair is shiny and almost like I blow dried it. Amazing stuff.

Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner – Kinda always been a big fan of the Macadamia line for it’s ability to instantly transform my dead, dried up ends into style able hair. This is so far my favorite of the whole line. The mousse is fun to decant, but this truly deep conditions my ends (I use it after shampoo. I believe in shampoo btw.) and restructures my hair in a minute or two. All without heaviness, which is a very hard combination to find.

Klorane Leave-in Spray with Citrus Pulp – this deliciously scented spray doesn’t provide any deep moisture, so it’s light as air, but it tackles tangles and more importantly static, head on. Perfect under hats, and apres-hat. Or anytime static decides to make its invasion.

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam – So, many volumizers and cold, dry air do not mix. Especially with fine hair like mine. Oooh, all it takes is a alcohol containing product and wind, sweat, or crisp temperatures and I will have a fried, tangled, very unhair-like mess on my hands that can sometimes include an hour of detangling and deep conditioners to repair. So I am very careful to protect my hair but it still needs a boost even in the winter, and phomollient is perfect for that. It truly gives hair lift and bounce without any extra dryness or static and it’s a winter favorite of mine.