Winter Weaponry P4 | Concealers that don’t crack under pressure

Well, when it comes to concealer, my usual top priority is coverage, but coverage with obvious caking and cracking is something I can live without. So the winter concealer lineup has to consist of creamier, still nicely covering of course, thinner formulas that melt into skin and never sit on top. Because the outermost layer of my skin is taking a battering every minute in the winter temps. These formulas are long lasting, moisture-full, and most importantly can be counted on not to cake, flake, or crease.

DV8T7371The Dior Two: Diorskin Sculpt Line Smoothing Concealer & Dior Hydralife Enhancing Sunscreen Eye Illuminator. The Dior Sculpt is all around great formula, well balanced and thin enough to sink in, yet thick enough to relieve you of the dark circles in your life. I use a mix of shade 002 & 003. The Hydralife has a phenomenal effect on the undereye area and is very soothing and moisturizing. It is one of my number one concealer picks ever, but the color choices are extremely limited, so limited in fact, that I have only ever found shade 1 available and it is so sadly really too light for me except for maybe in the dead of winter.

DV8T7336Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover stays on until you take it off, is a heavy coverage yet thin layer, but also benefits from a nice hydrating eye cream underneath. Comes in lots of shades, and my most used shade is 07 medium/deep.

DV8T7351Sisley Phyto Cernes Eclat has grown into my favorite pre snow day/ski day tap. It is a beautiful, creamy, and high payoff formula! So hard to find. Shade 3 is lighter than you think, lighter than a lot of my shade 2’s but so yellow-based that it blends in with just a little effort and covers with perfect grace. Love, love, love this cover up.

DV8T7360Chanel Lift Lumiere in 30 Abricot Lumiere. I fall for anything called apricot, blame it on my early life fixation with Strawberry Shortcake’s best friend Apricot. I  loved the scent of that little perfumed doll. Anyway, peachiness in skin is always pretty. Discussion closed. This perfecter works anywhere on the face, makes a perfect eye primer, and can be used as a spot foundation. It is very luxurious, so forgive the childhood association. It is also one of my favorites to reach for anytime in any weather. It is great for layering under a drier high coverage concealer if needed; because while the coverage is illuminating and overall amazing, it is on the lighter side. So if you circles are at fever pitch, you may need to ammend coverage. Hoping not. 🙂

DV8T7362Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer is the most moisturizing stick concealer I have found. Usually the sticks are dry to drier, but this one is neither. It’s creamy, has a high pigment content, a nice yellow-based one-size-fits-all color, and goes with me everywhere for quick, effective touch ups. A genius portable powerhouse. On a desert island, I could get by with just this and my eyelash curler, uh, and maybe mascara too. 🙂 Yeah, better stop there…

DV8T7332Jane Iredale Circle/Delete 3. A recent find that this is one of those products that looks so different before you put it on that there’s a surprise element that adds to the stock of the product. First of all, it smells amazing  – like fresh cucumber –  and is a pick me up fragrance all day long. Second, the consistency is incredibly smooth and light, and though this color look scary dark, once it’s on it works like a corrector and instantly cancels those shadows like the best that’s out there. It is not even too dark for my winter skin face. I only use the lighter side, it’s all I need on most days. On days I want a little more lightening, I pop a lighter concealer like the Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide right in the corners and voila, done.

DV8T7387Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser – This one takes a little time to get the hang of, but once you do, it, like the Maestro foundation, completely disappears into skin, looks like skin, acts like skin, and it pretty much one of more natural looking choices out there. However, if the shades is not just right, it is not that forgiving. The molecular structure forms a slight matrix and if it’s too white or ashy (I experienced this at first try) it looks nothing but natural. So study your shades (I now use shade 5). Oh, and you only need a pinhead size dot for each eye. Any more, and you can nearly cover your face.