Winter Weaponry P6 | The Big Guns

When all other creams seem to go dormant, and fail to perform, when the product has to be serious treatment – not just a little moisture – when the sahara has more dewiness than my face, not too many creams pass the test as noteworthy helpers. These do:

Sisley Confort Extreme Body Cream: dreamy cocoon-like deep recovery for dry skin. Creates a strong but breathable barrier on skin that last all night or hours and hours during the day. A light herbal scent. Fantastic.

Biafine ACT: A true treatment from the French pharmacy for healing and soothing all types of skin ailments, including burns, scars, etc. Full of paraffin and avocado oil, it’s a unique prescription for the face as well as any other super dry/irritated parts (elbows, heels, cuticles, chest) and a great remedy to keep on hand at all times. It’s just so nice to feel and use. Leave it to the French pharmacy to make medical remedies luxurious!

Avene Cold Cream: Another staple winter weather favorite, I use it as extra protection on the face and the kids’ faces before braving the cold. It’s extra thick and creamy but so nice massaged into the skin. Not greasy. Smells like a baby. Stays in my nightstand for nights when I need an extra shot of moisture, especially on cheeks.

Avene Serenage Nutri-Redensifying Day Cream: This instant glow creator has been in heavy everyday morning use since I arrived back in Montana. It has amazing morning transformation powers. It’s very thick, very moisturizing, and it last through the day. I layer it on top of my Sisley Black Rose Oil and I have new skin! It also smells lightly of rose and has an ever so slight cooling effect. It contains an ingredient called “Pre-tocopheryl” which sounds a lot like vitamin e (which is an excellent environmental stress blocker), lots of hyaluronic acid, and mother of pearl. Supreme.