NYX Stroke of Genius

NYX just stole my heart with its double ended eyeliner (I want to say new, but is it new? Maybe it’s just new to me.) This combo is perfect for me, who can be double minded about eyeliner, hating to choose between one or the other, and happy to blend a combination of felt tip and pencil kohl on any given day. It saves a lot of swapping out! The formulas are great, though the flash washed out the liquid side in my pic, it’s a deep dark black, and a solid choice for liquid liner. It both holds on tight all day long and comes off very easily at sink time. Double smiles. And for the impulse purchase nearby? The Kajal Kohl brand lavender liner…surprisingly subtle and quite gorgeous when mixed and smudged in a little with some platinum or pink cream eye shadow. Call it my Crayola fix.