Makeup for Smart People

Staying on the dermatologist-line bandwagon, let’s talk about a long awaited arrival. I waited what felt like a very long time since hearing the admired Dr. Marko Lenz (inventor of the the world’s most perfect sunscreen, Zelens Daily Defense) was expanding outside of his five star skincare range into color cosmetics. Few of the many dermatologist skincare lines venture into color, and in my opinion even fewer do so successfully. It’s like they didn’t talk to a single makeup artist; sure the ingredients are there, but usually the color/texture matrix just isn’t up to snuff. So I was super curious about the outcome when the otherwise perfect Dr. Lenz took to the lab to create color cosmetics. Well. No waiting in vain for this one. The textures are not just up to standard, they far exceed expectations, with modern, entirely innovative finishes and formulas that are full of active skincare and anti-aging ingredients. The Youth Glow Foundation looks so much like really perfect skin but better it’s amazing. And it has an almost medium level coverage in a thin, fast absorbing formula. Pure brilliance. It’s almost magic-trick-like to watch it melt in and transform your skin. I found myself wanting to do it over and over. And wearing foundation that’s formulated by a guy that thinks this intricately on what I should and should not put on my skin brings me something more than looking better – it makes me feel darn smart. ACTIVE concealer that finishes beautifully matte and has full cover pigment?  I feel even smarter. Feel smart too?  Tweak your knowledge here with more lessons from the Dr. Lens alone with the grande dame of UK skin, Caroline Hirons: