B Dellium: Low Maintenance, High Performance Brushes

Lately nothing brings more energy and fun to my makeup routine than my set of bright yellow, happy Bdellium brushes. What I love about using them is that they look great, what I love knowing when I use them is that they are completely antibacterial, because (quick confession) I am a bit of a germaphobe. But we should be when it comes to our face. There’s absolutely zero benefit to dust, dirt and bacteria that loves to live in dirty (ew.) makeup brushes. While these brushes still need to be washed of course, there’s an extra layer of protection against the layers of stuff you do see and don’t see that makes me feel a bit better!

And they’re overall just awesome.


The 776 fluffy has kind of curbed my use of the MAC 217, it’s…dare I say, better!

The 990 contour is so large I wondered if it would be useful – and now it’s my favorite new bronzing, warm-up-the-face brush – works with surprising precision for the size, blurs the lines, and has such a nice feel on the face.

The 957 blending Kabuki blends everything from foundation to powder and airbrushes everything out effortlessly.

In the top picture, you’ll see a few eye brushes but the flagship in my opinion is the 787 blender. My ages old Stila blending brush has all but been retired. Perfects any kind of mess I make when applying shadow and liner; especially when sleepy, in a rush, or over-caffeinated (not always a good state to apply make up in!). Anyway this blender fixes all of it, and the long handles are easy on the elbows (less bending when you’re blending…)