What Creme Fraiche is to Dessert, This is for Your Skin

Who doesn’t oooooh and ahhhhh when the dessert menu mentions creme fraiche? And why, because it’s insanely delicious; it’s decadent and light at the same time, the texture is impossible to replicate with any other “creme” product and really it’s also almost buttery. NUXE, the precious pharmacist-birthed line from Paris, has created the equivalent for the skin. Aptly named, the NUXE Serum Creme Fraiche de Beaute 24HR Soothing and Moisturizing Concentrate Serum and Cream (two different products, two different weights) is IT. Whoever named this, knows their food and knows their beauty, because they were spot on.

DV8T7623For neroli buffs like myself, I can guarantee your pleasure, because the dominant scent, though extremely light, is a clean, barely floral neroli. Therefore, even if you are not said neroli buff – you may still love the scent, in fact it may turn out to be your entry drug into nerolism. OK enough, you get the point.

These can easily be layered if your skin is dry like mine, or use the serum alone for oilier types. But whatever combination I use, I find it immediately retexturizes my skin into a buttery, silky skin I never knew was hiding beneath. Not oily, not greasy, just dreamy silkiness. Also I am not sure due to French labelling if there is hyaluronic acid in the serum but it has that characteristic plumping up effect that hyaluronic acid distinctly carries. But while many hyaluronic acid products also have a sticky side effect that comes with the plumping, these creams do not. They are arguably the perfect texture, and they pretty much leave baby skin – the utter feel of newborn baby skin, behind, instantly. Hooked.