Do you know Julie?

Julie Hewitt. The Hollywood makeup artist that makes the meanest, creamiest red lip in the business. I.E. Kate and Helen…

Kate redHelen REd

But let’s save the obvious for a later date, and we’ll talk reds then. I just wanted to qualify the make up authority this artist wields. And she wields it well in many departments, in her stellar line of time tested classic cosmetics. One of the surprises for me to discover, more than several years ago, was the sincerely superb eye shadow powder formulas she makes. Let. Me. Tell. You. If I had to survive with one eye palette forever, it wouldn’t be the overplayed NAKED or anything like that…it would this genius, four pan, lightweight Soiree Quad from Julie Hewitt Cosmetics.

These powders are creamy, long lasting, and blend into your skin like they are part of it. These four colors can do natural, neutral, smoky, cool, warm, cat, you name it – all with a super professional finish and little to no guesswork or effort. You can see how we well loved and always carried around mine is. I think the secret color ingredient is throwing in the Terra shade she threw in, and the Nude shade is the perfect base color to wear alone or with any combination of colors. The Black is deep and makes the best liner, smudge, etc.

If I had to pare things down…I would never part with Julie!