Remedies from Sarah Chapman

DV8T7658Ever had a cold that lasted weeks and left both your skin and body looking rather post-apocalyptic? Well for the past couple if weeks I HAVE, and I am just now getting rid of it, and my skin obviously lost some vital nutrients while battling this bug because it’s never looked worse. And knowing that my skin, like my body, needs many various vitamins, not just the same few everyday (yeah, we actually need lots of different serums and creams and gels – to my sincere delight) and nutrients, it was the perfect moment to give a new formula from Sarah Chapman a whirl. Honestly, I didn’t think anything could help my sagging, sallow, yet blotchy complexion this week.  I took a test pump of the Skinesis Morning Facial and massaged it into my hand, well I can’t HURT my skin, that’s for sure, I thought; and popped it all over. At first I almost doused my face in it out of despair, but upon reading the instructions, I leveled it off to several drops. Hmmm. Kinda better maybe. Then I went for the hypnotic-smelling day cream called Skinesis Dynamic Defense and I’ll be darned if about 20 minutes later I could officially stop avoiding mirrors for the first time in a couple of weeks! No exaggeration, it had gotten that bad. Well, clearly something in these tubes was something I needed cause the glow is coming back steadily after just one use. Turns out, upon further investigation, Sarah, who has Rembrandt worthy peau, in fact, believes in treating the skin according to its changing needs on what can be a day to day basis. Now it’s all coming together, and the blend of essential oils, botanicals, and cosmeceuticals in her product produce a unique effect that is, as she aimed for it to be, a lovely experience that produces instant and long term results.

DV8T7652Now, my daughter, who turns fifteen tomorrow, was in the meantime dealing with a hormonal day skin woe: large cystic, red, swollen blemishes, upsetting to her no doubt. And while she’s such good sport about it, and never seems to worry too much, I saw it as the perfect chance to strike with my newfound Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Stickers. They are clear, sticky, gels, that you press on and they go practically unnoticed as you wear them for four hours. I have never seen zits shrink up so fast. She was delighted and begging for more stickers. The redness and swelling completely drained, the cystic bumps now were more like zits on the end of the healing cycle; flat, and only darker in color, not piping hot red. IN FOUR HOURS. I imagine this is what cortisone injections do for swollen blemishes!

I’m beyond impressed, Sarah Chapman, beyond impressed. Genius.