Cleanser Bar

So, I’m a certified cleanser fanatic. It just feels like that very first step of the skincare ritual so sets the tone for everything else. It can leave you still dirty, filmy, greasy, oily, dried, burned, red, or a myriad of other things, so I take it pretty seriously. Plus, it is my favorite part of skincare, bar none. It re-energizes, revives, and moisturizes for a clean slate if you have the right products and techniques. Enter the double-cleanse. Maybe popularized by the Korean regimen of cleanse twice, once with an oil, to break everything down, then with a more penetrating, perhaps exfoliating formula. I do it every day, twice a day, and look forward to it way too much to be normal.

These cleansers are some of my favorites in rotation right now, but I think everyone should have many cleansers! For every situation, day, skin moment and mood.

DV8T7661Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade: Unlike any cleanser texture I’ve ever seen and I am having trouble figuring what has a similar texture – maybe whipped honey? It’s amazing, amazing, amazing. Smells really good, with some herbal and floral notes all mixed in, and it is oil based, but I mean this is the lightest oil you could ever have. Maybe soufflé is the word? It cleanses deeply, is great for facial brushes and massagers because it’s thicker and stays on better than liquid oils but it is still that lighter texture. A jewel.

NUXE Melting Cleansing Gel: I will buy anything in the melting gel, or gommage territory. It just sounds so good. I’ve tried many formulas, but have settled on this as my favorite, standby, perfect melting gel cleanse. It works whatever kind of skin day you are having, smells like pure rose, takes off any kind of makeup including waterproof eye makeup and rinses off super clean. Using it nearly everyday currently, even if just for the eyes.

DV8T7662May Lindstorm The Clean Dirt: This one had me waiting by the doorstep with curiosity after I ordered it. I needed to know – dirt? Well, yeah, it looks and actually smells a little like dirt, but softly with the scent of cloves maybe? The scent reminds me of fall and apple fields and cider spices. So it’s a really nice thing. And the cleanse with this is a thorough, serious, yet gently exfoliating one. I really enjoy using it on top of my oil cleansers before I rinse them off for a super gentle buff to do away with those dead outlying skin cells. I love this dirt.

You’ll see a lot more cleanser from me in the future, rest assured.