These Legs Need Love.

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.

– Eric Liddell, Chariots of Fire

We have legs for one very good reason. Movement. And the more we use them, the better off we are…but the more we use them, the more repair they also seem to be need of. I for one, am addicted to all things of the legs-use sort: walking, running, skiing, biking, hiking, kicking, and so on. My legs don’t always love for me for it at the end of the day though. That’s okay. A little leg love, and they are right back on track, forgetting how dried, worn out, scaly, irritated or achy they were moments before. My favorite reparations for beat up gams…

Legology Air-Lite is not the first tingly, energy-infusing leg gel I’ve tried, but it’s not the worst either. It’s subtle in its tingly-ness, too much would be well, TOO MUCH when it comes to “cooling” or “waking up” minty effects. I do love a slather of this after a leg-pounding run and it makes a difference in my energy level for the rest of the day! A nice little treat.

Decleor has it straight in the body lotion department, take your pick, they are all phenomenal, and I never leave home without one. The Aroma Comfort Nourishing Body Milk is a staple and the Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk elevate the idea of the drugstore gradual glow lotions by feeling silkier and smelling many many times more pleasant. Alternate!

Natura Bisse Oxygen Body Cream is best right before bed, but also good anytime of course. The reason I like it before bed is that is feels so pampering, and it relaxes me perfectly when I use it. Which may also be because of the really incredible signature Natura Bisse Oxygen fragrance. It’s similar in their Oxygen Cream and Oxygen Complex, but this takes it to another level, and I love it, and mine’s all gone save a few pumps, now. Drat.

DV8T7672My newest favorite, especially for daytime, is Sunday Riley Disrobe. It stays light but keeps you moisturized and all toned up all day! And while there is a heated debate over the scent of this one online, I really enjoy it. It does ring of ever so slight banana, but in a very spa-by-the-sea kind of way, and it is if full of exfoliants that work on the long term state of your skin. Total win-win.

Kiehl’s Coriander Lotion  is the best if I want to smell freshly showered all day and skip the perfume. The scent is a classic, distinct soapy clean smell that rounds out instead of that bite that most other “clean” or “linen” type scents have.

I don’t know how many bottles I have gone though of Decleor Softening Body Care Oil, but let’s just say I should have bought stock. I have been using this since I was in my teens. If you really want legs of true silk, layer this under any of the other items in the post, let it sink in for about 30 minutes, and you can thank me later. And it gets an A+++++ for scent as well. I really don’t post on much that doesn’t as you may have noticed. Scent is everything…


Leg-movement inspiration for the day:

Sanya Richard Ross

I think I’ll break and go for a run now/