Chemistry: the library…of beauty!

This blog has been lying here for the past six months crying out for some attention, but I can safely dub this little dormant period as “in transition”, or more literally, under construction. Because I spent the last six months doing one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done: I founded a brand new cosmetics boutique and apothecary! Set to open tomorrow, the angle of this internet space takes an interesting turn – my commentary shifts from avid beauty consumer fascinated with ingredients and formulas to a new perceptive: as a mother of four (already insanely busy) I’ve created a new beauty retail concept called Chemistry – the one I dreamed existed, but never found. I like to think of it as a library of beauty. Rows and rows and products, stories, fragrances, and a place to linger and discover. So far the journey’s been all you would guess: exhilarating, frightening, creative, exhausting, and more and more lately it’s become so much fun. 

There’s so much to blog; the PRODUCTS, the PRODUCTS!, the brands, the fragrances, the people, the business side, the design, the experience, I’ve got topics for years flowing through my brain. But for this morning, though the pitter patter of wee-hours keyboard taps are one of my favorite sounds, the grand opening tomorrow is keeping me at bay for now…for now.

If you are in the Houston area this weekend, please visit Chemistry at Vintage Park.

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A little preview (more later!):

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