Diving Into the Deep (Glacial) Waters of Valmont

Valmont DV8T8500
Part I

At a glance, Valmont skincare stands out as different. The bold green letters and ceramic bottles and jars tightened by brassy gold tops certainly say medical and luxury all at once, and that’s exactly what going on with Valmont.

It’s an extensive line: and my staff and I took in two full days of overhead projector, college style classroom training on the science of Valmont. Few brands can assemble and teach that much science, and while it was exhausting to process, we all left with motivation to decode the sci-lab names of these products and find out what they could actually do.

History & Science

In brief, here’s the background to the brand: Valmont, made entirely in Switzerland, sprung from their high altitude medical clinic that began near Montreaux in 1905. The Valmont clinic was a place of healing and renewal for many dignitaries and public figures (including Coco Chanel). In the eighties, when cosmetic surgery emerged on the scene, the Valmont clinic was a leader in the space, but also found the need to rejuvenate the skin was just as important, and they utilized isolated active DNA molecules and collagen that had dramatic effects on skin renewal. These ingredients became the bedrock for Valmont’s cellular cosmetic concept. The key to their line is their highly polymerized DNA (or HP DNA) and their Triple DNA (which is HP DNA combined with three essential macro elements: magnesium, sodium, and calcium). RNA is also included in the formulas as an excellent energy source for skin and it’s renewal, and for now I will leave the science at that…

Valmont’s formulas are built on a base of therapeutic glacial spring water (all DERMO range products have 30% of this water) from the high mountain spa resort Lavey-Les-Bains. And they all bear the signature scent of the alpine rose, purely cultivated for their process. The products smell perfectly lovely. Alpine rose is absolutely unique in the fragrance department, because it smells both super clean and fragrant at the same time. I would be first in line for a Valmont perfume.

Valmont’s line is extensive, specific, and highly active, so to make it easy to select products, they organized the products into four “rituals” instead of grouping products by skin type. They believe in treating the skin based on its current condition, not a set “type” which is actually highly dependent on age, climate, pollution, hormones, health, and many other factors. I love and agree with this readily! Treat the state of your skin now, they say, and heal it from whatever current conditions it is undergoing by feeding the cells prior to regeneration, whereby they will actually correct themselves and produce healthy new cells if they have the right material, which Valmont products are slam full of. The line is about healing conditions and treating the effects of aging one phase at a time, then moving onto the next problem in your skin you would like to address. That said, their products are global anti-aging superstars, and go above and beyond expectations when given the time they need to work.

What you really want to know:

Valmont’s Prime 24 Hour is their generally all-around-great-for-every-skin cream, full of anti-aging Triple DNA, and Valmont’s Peptide Cocktail, and everyone in the family can use this. It’s incredibly moisturizing, and I have seen it heal sunburn in a matter of hours. I can not emphasize the word healing enough. Valmont’s focus is on healing and repairing first and foremost; this is what makes it so unique, and the results are beautiful. Prime 24 Hour a great intro to the line, and if you want to amp up its efficacy, add a serum before – and Prime B Cellular is great because it adds Vitamin C and penetrates deep with higher concentrations of Triple DNA and peptides. 

Next favorite is their bestseller: the Prime Regenerating Pack. It’s a mask – a healing, hydrating, nutrient-packed mask – and gentle peel that you can wear anywhere from ten minutes to overnight, or even under your makeup as a primer. That may not make sense until you feel the consistency of it on your skin. It’s a glow inducing, plumping, non-greasy, simply incredible, gentle do-it-all formula for tired, dull, dry, or uneven skin. To wake up looking like you slept twelve hours last night, sleep in this mask!!!

And, my favorite Valmont product? OK, it’s actually two. Valmont Corseting Serum (Another completely distinct formula. There is no serum on the market that feels like this or tightens like this) plus the Contour Cream. These two reshape your face and resurface your skin (without exfoliating) in the morning. They literally re-shape the lines of your face! I love doing these together as a base for makeup because if I take the time to, my makeup becomes super easy. First of all, I’ll need about fifty percent less makeup, and second, it will blend beautifully into my skin, and third, it will wear perfect all day on my now tighter, brighter, supple, glowing skin. These two are the ultimate power pair and are an instant game changer when it comes to skin care, especially in the morning. 

Valmont is an investment in your skin, and it changes the state of your skin. My philosophy, along with many, is skin first, makeup second. Great skincare changes the way your makeup goes on, looks, and lasts. It saves me the daily struggle of being in “corrective makeup” or “cover up” mode, which means more time. And headache. And it’s great to feel less and less like you need any makeup at all – that’s what Valmont has begun to do for me after a couple of months. I’m pretty sure I’m sold completely on this line… I just want to know when I can visit that Swiss Alps spa so I can be totally sure….