Odin: Comfort in a Little Red Flame

Odin was introduced to me by their New York rep whom I took with the tiniest grain of salt when she proposed that I try their line of fragrance. Seriously, I wasn’t familiar/excited/not even curious about another candle line with fragrance to match. Until the package arrived… and I sprayed several of the Odin incredible scents. And I came to a full stop. What. These are different. They are extremely different. Each scent is the line is super distinctive, elegant and has an atmosphere all its own. I’ll detail some of my favorites in later posts.

For now, I’ve been loving burning the cozy Century (Odin scent 03) candle, which is serene yet also very sensual; however, not overpowering. It’s super lush aura is brim with silver birch, cypress, forest mint, vertivert, myrrh, patchouli, black musk, oakmoss and amber. While not overpowering, it does fill the room out fast with its deep, lingering notes.

The best part now: the little red flame! Odin candles are hand poured into the deepest hued amber glass jars (they look black as black) which causes the flame inside to light up fiery red…what a touch. Mine has been burned down to the nub, so it’s a tiny flame now, but usually it simmers like a miniature fireplace. To a dark, cozy room, I can’t think of anything that would give better ambiance. Pure luxury. At Chemistry now. DV8T8527 DV8T8525