NB Ceutical Intensive Tolerance Booster: Catching Up on My Reading

Natura Bisse Intensive Tolerance BoosterHay fever, ragweed, and pollen allergies have annoyed me for years, and in the last year or so the watery-itchy-eye syndrome would leave me with a not-so-nice souvenir after each episode: little red bumps, numerous ones, underneath my eyes. I felt like I was maybe allergic to my own tears, because, like clockwork after my eyes watered (and I can’t resist rubbing and scratching them), the bumps would appear, and they looked terrible. And were not easy to cover at all. I used hydrocortisone cream on the area during these “breakouts” and it would ease the bumps off bit – but recently I opened my first bottle and Natura Bisse Intensive Tolerance Booster which claimed to “stimulate the skin’s self defense system to protect it from internal and external triggers.” One thing for sure, this was a “trigger” situation, so I thought I would try – very, very, skeptically.

The next morning, my eyes were the proud bearers of baby smooth under eye skin. I checked and rechecked the mirror for signs of redness and/or bumps  – nothing. Hmmmm…I thought. Maybe. Then I wore the serum under my sunscreen to the most known hay fever agressor of all in my world  – the soccer fields. All that flies there does not mix kindly with my system and it is usually the last thing I see before the itchy, watery eye episode kicks in. But; lo and behold, not a bump, not a patch, not an itch. Now I was seriously impressed, and seriously interested. So I even did the unthinkable, and read the package insert, and like reading an old newspaper, I found valuable information on that super thin paper overstuffed with tiny print. Apparently the magic comes from a 20% concentration of peptides that regulate the activity of enzymes called metalloproteinases which act to prematurely age and break down the immune system of the skin. My skin was experiencing a breakdown in its immune system, and this serum was rebuilding it, and fast. It also contains red algae which is strengthening, and beta-glucans from brewer’s yeast that work to build the skins Langerhans cells which are the skin’s own “self-defense” system.

I began also using it to counter the redness patches on my forehead, chin and cheeks and it seriously reduces the daily late afternoon red spells that are triggered by who knows what. And it really, really helps in heading off those annoying redness episodes that show up randomly.

This serum is light, is not at all noticeable under makeup. It’s also lightly moisturizing, and basically disappears into the skin. Plus it smells great, clean and fresh. But for me, it is a miracle. I tried to go a week without it, and the condition of the red itchy eyes returned promptly. I know for sure it’s the reason I am red bump free now…and I use it night and day and love the newfound freedom from redness and itchy bumps.