Missha: Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask | “Dreaming” of Korean Skin

DV8T8549DV8T8551If you been following my blogs, brands I love, or you are a customer at Chemistry, you are most likely privvy to the fact that I think the South Koreans have completely got it going in the beauty department, and you may have heard me say things like “the Koreans are roughly twenty years ahead of us with the technology they use in products.” (Fact.) Their makeup is innovative, easy to use, light and airy, and they sometimes make packaging so cute and dainty it makes you want to be ten again. I would generally describe Korean skincare creams as light and airy (very different from US formulations), of course depending on the product. The Super Aqua Cell Renew Sleeping Mask sleeping mask falls roughly in this category, while it’s also unique in its density. The Super Aqua line is drenching in its hydrating qualities while remaining absolutely non-oily. Texture is what the Koreans do best, hence their ritual of layering, which I wrote about here. In the layering process, the sleeping mask goes on at night, last, over all other products.

So Snail. Yeah. Ok, snail secretion is one of the top anti-aging ingredients discovered by the enterprising Koreans. And it works; and people eat snails; so what’s the big deal? It makes your skin feel like silk. I love the face washes with snail as well, they clean so, so gently and delicately. No shying away from the word snail…it’s a natural, safe ingredient. Good for your garden and also the living organ called skin.


Sleeping in this mask feels no different than sleeping in night cream, if not better. It has a simple light scent, a bit powdery. When you first apply, it seems to have a slight, slight oil in it, which disappears suddenly after about 10 seconds, and leaves your skin instantly feeling like velvet to the touch! You can’t believe how light this layer is, yet it seals in all the skincare you used before it. It is a very breathable layer though, that just disappears, leaving behind insanely sumptuous skin texture. This could also be used all over your body all night, and you would wake up feeling like you had new, baby soft skin. It’s affordable ($23 a bottle), so truly an accessible indulgence. Keeping it by the bed.