Partners in Light by T LeClerc

Dear T LeClerc; You seem to never disappoint me, in fact, you usually surprise me with your performance, beauty, pigment, and staying power. Please don’t ever change your ways.


Everyone who ever tried T LeClerc products

T LeClerc is unwavering in formula, pigment and composition. Widely known for the famous rice powder Hollywood makeup artists would stake their careers on, not everyone may know how deep and beautifully colored the entire makeup line is.  Their glosses are stellar, the powder and blush shades are perfect, and the mascaras are innovative and inky.

But my latest find, and new essential, comes in the under eye department, and it is this duo of brilliance that is keeping my under eye area fresh and bright, with no sign of bags (not that I had them in the first place – wink*Wink*).

T Le Clerc Professional Concealer in Fance 03: A small style stick concealer with a medium to heavy coverage in a light as air, non-oily, drier formulation that does necessitate prepping the under eye area with cream, but the coverage is worth it! It does not crease and wears on and on. Great for anywhere you need a little spot coverage as well.

T Le Clerc Fluide Corrector in Fance 03: A modernized Touche Eclat, it’s a light fluid that knocks out blur or gray undertones and brings up the light beautifully with soft reflectors but zero shimmer, dazzle, sparkle or gleam. Words I usually don’t like to apply to my everyday face. Just plays tricks with the light and opens up shadows you’d rather live without. Easy to swipe on, and practically blends in by itself. For no foundation days, this a spot coverage is super fresh.

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