Quick PhD in Shampoo

DV8T8639P – Perfect, h-hair, D-day. Living Proof’s acronym is cute – but actually not far from deserved. I know this brand has a lot of marketing hype, and that’s why it took me so long to actually try it. I hold the opinion that the bigger the hype, the more likely it’s the only thing a product’s got going for it. But one day, I heard the case made for Living Proof’s PhD shampoo. And it made me curious. The molecule *OFPMA* is a molecule that smoothes frizz, volumizes, and conditions but most uniquely, it repels dirt and sweat. Less washing? Okkkkk……

I can’t help but love this shampoo and conditioner, because my hair feels instantly very different when I use it. It feels stronger, much easier to style, and it without a doubt – it stays cleaner longer. The roots especially – no grease or residue whatsoever on day 2, and day 3 becomes the usual day 2, when a good dose of dry shampoo is all I need and I’m good to go. And this is Houston honey! 100% humidity and 100 degrees. In the winter, or in a cool/dry climate, I think you extend out to washing every five days with this stuff – if you wanted to, that is :).

I’m thrilled they have come out with a travel set a well. A big bouncy shower cap comes with it which keeps your hair super protected from getting doused in the shower. Those cheapie shower caps have left me soggy so many times I quit trying to use them. But this is a serious shower cap! Did I just say the word serious shower cap? I did.