Valmont Part II – Anti-Aging Powertools

Valmont Part II is about two anti-aging tools that I have been extremely attached to: Expression Line Reducer Factor I and Prime Lip Repair.

Getting to know the amazing, Switzerland-based cellular skincare brand Valmont has been a distinct pleasure. Valmont is the epitome of luxury, with the textures and fragrances that are simply worlds apart from the average blend. Their products are pure, perfectly balanced, and most importantly, highly effective.

Here’s the skinny on the two most powerful line and crease reducers I have discovered and that have become fixtures on my bathroom countertop.


Expression Line Reducer Factor I – This blend has a texture that’s slightly gel-ish and is very moisturizing, and it works like an instant line filler, global rejuvenator and re-energizer for the skin, while a relaxing element in the blend actually has a cumultive, and noticeably relaxing effect on the muscles of the face, especially those pesky expression muscles. The ingredient is a synthetic peptide that mimics the effects of snake venom or botox by blocking muscle contractions. Since snake venom and botox sound, uh, gross and scary, this option appealed to me greatly since lines are a true reality now that I’m in my mid thirties! And I could not be happier with the results I had! The treatment tremendously reduced frown lines, forehead lines, and plumped and smoothed instantly, plus worked more and more as I made my way through my first jar. Now I am ready for my second. I waited, and I shouldn’t have…I feel the void of this step painfully. Like many of Valmont’s star products, this cream also contains:

  • Liposomed RNA that provides essential fatty acids for cell metabolism;
  • a peptide cocktail that treats wrinkles similarly to Retin-A without the unwanted side effects, and
  • a Shiitake mushroom complex that protects your skin’s collagen and improve its biomechanical properties.

Onto the other problem area for us thirty plus-ers…the mouth and lips. Another area commonly needle-ized for its loss of volume, increasing creases, etc… but Prime Lip Repair is a formula that I would most certainly turn to first. It works on and around the lips to plump, smooth and resurface the problem area while perfecting the skin and softening the lips.

DV8T7903Some of the highly active yet uber-gentle and soothing ingredients stacked up in the blend are:

  • HP RNA and DNA
  • avocado oil
  • borage oil
  • vitamins A and E
  • jojoba oil

Again, Valmont is completely amazing, clinical level skincare, with a lot of technical information poured into the brochures, but even if that’s a little boring, the products and formulas speak for themselves. We sample generously at Chemistry; and it’s the best way to get to know the brand and find out for yourself how you feel about this level of skincare. Come experiment with Valmont at Chemistry anytime…