Things to Spray in Your Hair

DV8T8724Dry Shampoo

While shampooing less is still fresh on my mind, let’s talk dry shampoo. Do you know how different dry shampoo formulas can be? They can be so different that some of them don’t even feel like they should be in the same category as dry shampoo. It’s a dry shampoo universe out there, but I’ve found that sticking with classic blends is failsafe and I go through many cans of the same formulas. There are some variations on my list, but the main criteria are, 1. It must make my hair smell like it has been washed, and 2. It must really absorb oil and sweat, the two major reasons we end up shampooing anyway. Also, it’s nice if it’s not so strong that it dries out or “fries out” your hair. Onto the list:

Klorane Oil Control Dry Shampoo with Nettle – This is the grandfather of all dry shampoos! If this formula doesn’t cure your dinginess, pack up and head for the shower, because nothing else will. This has unmatched absorbency properties and as such, can lean on the side of being a bit over drying, which is also why it works so well. I only use it at roots; and it is a miracle in a bottle. Hands down, no competition. If you happen to be into sports or outdoors this is going to change your life. Smells perfect too – just powdery and light. An Allure Best of Beauty winner in 2014.

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – The grandchild of the Oil Control formula, this does the job of fluffing up the hair very, very well, just also very gently. You can use it generously all over the hair. It won’t dry it out, but it will refresh and change the outlook of the day accordingly. Same classic powdery scent. Zero complaints about this product, I keep the travel size with me all the time. Also comes in a tinted version for brunettes that fear the white stuff.

Davines Hair Refresher- This is a favorite mainly because Davines just does fragrance better than anyone in the hair arena, period. So its smells ridiculously great, does serious work on the grease, oil and whatever other undesirable elements may have taken up residence in your hair, and never over dries. I usually spray way too much because of wanting more of that delicious smell, and my burn rate for this one is off the charts. Wish they made a travel size.

Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo – I argue the fact the this one “actually cleans hair” as stated on the bottle, as I found it to be much more useful as a volumizing styling spray that gives the hair a lot of flex and bounce, actually. Here’s a dry shampoo you may want to use immediately after washing and styling to prolong the wear of your clean tresses and also add some body and shine. Definitely works to keep the oil at bay, but most valuable as a styling product. Smells really good too.


Klorane Leave-In Spray with Magnolia – Unique, and hard to classify. This spray could sub for perfume because the light, floral but creamy magnolia scent is so beautiful. But the performance of the product is the deal maker. It smoothes, protects, adds shine, and detangles but is so different than anything else in that category, that I almost think of it as an elixir spray. But the best way to describe it is moisturizer for your hair. Know how when you put your moisturizer on your face everything just looks and feels suddenly so much better? That’s what this spray does for hair, and it can be used wet after washing or dry for a smoothing re-styler.


Davines This is A Medium Hold Hair Spray – The names that Davines comes up with are almost as clever as their fragrances are swoon-worthy. And yes, you guessed correct, the fragrance is the best thing about this spray. But that doesn’t mean the product isn’t fantastic – it is. It’s the lightest, most evenly spraying hairspray ever. No stickiness whatsoever, you almost couldn’t over do it. It has great hold that wears really well. I, for one, hated hairspray until I found this one. Never, ever used it since there really wasn’t one I liked at all. Now that I found this, I use it for curls, buns, half updo’s, everything.


Leonor Greyl Conditon Naturelle – This spray is a natural, non-drying volumizer with genuinely natural texture and results – which is hard to find in a spray bottle. The spray does not really moisturize, but it seals the cuticle in the condition that it’s in; so if your hair is properly conditioned, this is a great way to style with zero stiffness or dryness. It adds a light strengthener which never weighs the hair down, instead it thickens the hair shaft for more volume. This is a really nice everyday styler that’s gentle and simply makes your hair look great. Good hair day in a bottle.