Natura Bisse’s Cure for Everything

DV8T7692I am not really fond of the name of this mighty product, The Cure Sheer Cream, but I most definitely see how the people at Natura Bisse came up with it. It solves a whole plethora of problems at once. In a hurry, need a a sheer foundation and skincare in one quick step? This covers with self adapting pigments and appears to make skin glow evenly from the inside out with SPF 20 protection to boot. Skin lacking vitality? The betains and chelating agents in this cream bind hydration to the skin and seal out the elements in a big way (*more on this below.) Skin feeling overwhelmed by pollution or toxins? This detoxifies and soothes with green tea. Wrinkles? This is a super hydrator that’s also plumping and tightening, and works hour after hour to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. The Cure Sheer Cream is the ultimate wearable all-in-one makeup, skincare, and sunscreen. It is one of my all time favorite products of all time. In my top five, ever. Any given day, any given climate or weather, I can get this on my face in about ten seconds flat, and my skin is treated, hydrated, plumped, evened out, glowy, and protected.

The Cure Sheer Cream is the most luxurious product that could be called a BB cream, since it both treats, protects and covers, but I feel that calling it a BB cream might be a disservice since it does so, so much more than any BB cream I’ve tried. One of the amazing things about this cream is that it works like a night cream works for you overnight, except you wear it during the day – in the sense that your skin looks and feels much, much better after you have worn it all day and take it off!

*I’ve worn this in negative temps bolstered with a little oil, and the results were amazing. Less redness, no dryness, soft skin. I’ve worn it on many, many, MA-NY, sweltering, boiling hot Houston Saturdays spent baking in the sun going between sports complexes. In both extremes, the most remarkable part of the formula is the stellar protection it provides. No sun spots. No tight, dry skin, no breakouts, no redness. At the end of the day, no matter what climate extreme or elements you made your way through, your skin is calm, hydrated, and happy. That’s a mighty hero product.

Once you try this and love it (and I completely recommend this as the entry product into the entire The Cure line from Natura Bisse) you can take the perfection one step further by adding The Cure Sheer Eye Cream. Equally tinted, it completely eliminates any leftover need for concealer that may be lingering after you use The Cure Sheer Cream. I am truly amazed at the great coverage this provides and the luminosity it creates. It’s full of super anti-agers, like peptide chains, fermentus glaciarum which is collagen building and plumping, and botanical extracts like water lily, ivy, and ruscus for smoothness plus caffeine for lifting and draining the eye area. I wear this as a concealer sometimes with other foundations as well – it has such a beautiful finish to it! You can see the results so fast that it’s easy to forget that this is not concealer; it’s skincare first. But you’ll remember that when you wash your face at night and feel the difference it has made on the skin around your eyes. The formula dramatically improves everything, just everything about your skin.

Finally, these formulas are super concentrated and you need very little to almost none to see the effects. The products will last and last. I have come to believe that these are the must have product for all women living in Houston. We have to fight so much sun, pollution and changing weather, and these products even the score and keep your skin remarkably unaffected by the elements and go on to make it not just protected, but radically improved.