Fade to Green

As Fall sets in, and the light undergoes its turning and shifts, and the late afternoon shadows slice thinner rays of orange sun towards earlier nightfalls, my color spectrum cravings meander away from the brights of summer. Anticipating winter’s moodiness, and appreciating the shorter yet golden light, I seek out plums, greens, and deeper browns and bronzes for eyes. Colors that of are interest in the limited light, and are flattering from horizon sunsets into evening’s early gray.

A search for a moody green liner and a foggy companion landed me with this verdant pair:

T LeClerc Eyeshadow in 108 Khaki (left) is a gray leaning green with the most subtle bit of golden shimmer (you can’t detect it in this picture at all, which is good). This is like a grown up version of MAC Club for all you Macophiles out there. Green, yes, but not blueish, instead, gray/brownish, and blends and smokes out easily for layering and depth-play effects.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Kohl in 034 Selene (right) Rouge Bunny Rouge is an authority in the eye liner arena. They are innovative but mostly they just get it. My idea of eyeliner is that it needs to be pigmented, wearable, interesting to look at but not overt, and did I say pigmented? Yes, I did. Very important, Look at the payoff this pencil gives! And this green. It’s an evergreen, hunter green style green with perfect dimension, and it plays with the light just enough.


For additional color play I added this liquid liner on top, which will also be worn alone many times this fall because it is super gorgeous and has a perfect point:


T LeClerc Eyeliner pen in 02 Brun Moire a luscious true chocolate brown with tiny golden flecks that again don’t show in this picture except on the tip. And look at this tip! It’s so prefectly pointed and is probably the easiest tip to draw and control line width that I’ve used. It leaves a glossy brown, gilded-with-flecks-of-gold finish. Super beautiful.


Just add little apricot blush, nude lipstick, and mascara, and the look is set.