Foreo from Sweden | Foam Rolling for Your Face


This tool is so utterly well designed, I just love to look at it. I mean the Scandinavians (slightly biased, admitted) really look at everything differently, and when it comes to design, that’s everything. I will admit to you first (gasp) that I have put my Clarisonic into retirement for a while. Really, even with the super soft sensitive brushes, it was just too abrasive for me to use regularly. But the Foreo came around at just the right time, and because it’s really nothing at all like the Clarisonic, I hate to draw the comparison. It’s a distinguished invention, designed to provide anti-aging treatment, deep cleansing and toning. It claims to in three days use, increase radiance, tone, and firmness in the skin. I saw a difference in two. It’s made from super soft silicone and comes in many colors and sizes, including more masculine versions because this is a great tool for guys too.

It took me some time to get into the habit of using this regularly because if you are used to the scrubbing of a brush, this is going to feel so different that you may at first suspect it’s not doing much other than giving you a nice massage. It is, though. It’s using transdermal sonic pulsations at a rate of 8,000 per minute to deep clean pores and loosen trapped dirt and clogged pores. Used with a balm cleanser, the Foreo massage is pure bliss – and better than many facials I have had a releasing inner glow and radiance. Plus it feels SO GOOD to use. It stimulates lymphatic and sinus drainage, and drains excess fluid from the face so it’s fantastic in the morning. It’s safe in the shower or bathtub too, and it’s made from super soft silicone that’s silky to the touch.

This is a foam roller for your face! If you know what foam rolling does your body, you will appreciate immediately how amazing this feels on your facial muscles and skin. You use it with little to no pressure in circular motions around the forehead, orbital area, cheeks, and jawline for about two minutes at a time. There are no replacement heads, or parts to replace, and cleaning it is as easy as a single rinse. It holds charge FOREVER too. I think I charge mine quarterly, serious. This little device is simply ingenious, and worthy of a try for any skin type or age.