Favorite Fall Drink

It’s Monday morning and the first thing I want to see when I stumble out into the now dark morning: this Jura shining like a beacon with it’s red “coffee ready” light, baby. I gave up a nasty two times a day Starbucks habit years ago, after my husband and I did the math and found out that investing in a nice espresso machine would actually save us money! We never looked back either. Now after drinking this coffee for years, my palate has been refined and, um, Starbucks just isn’t that appealing anymore.

This Jura machine (from Costco) makes caps and froth and all the good stuff too. But my favorite drink is this easy, soothing, energizing and light blend of coffee, cream, cinammon, and honey:

1 cup of Americano brewed espresso (currently grinding: Dean & Deluca Sumatra, with earthy, pipe tobacco and cinnamon notes)

1/2 teaspoon of Manuka Honey

Half and half to taste

Sprinkled and stirred with Ceylon Cinnamon (much sweeter than the conventional cinammon)

Have an energetic Monday!