The Purest, Softest Cleanse from Carita Paris

This cleanser is such a standby for me. I always, always, have it handy to the sink and here’s why: there are days when I need to wash my wash my face more than once, and also I’ve adopted a first thing cold water face cleanse every morning which wakes me (and my complexion) up masterfully. However, my skin is stickler about not wanting to be over washed and it likes to get tight, red, dry and wrinkly when I do! My way around it is this cleanser: Carita Paris Ideal Doucer Eau Lactee or Carita Milky Water for short. This cleanses much, much, better than water, but is not a ounce more harsh than just rinsing with water. After a workout, it is the absolute perfect way to get a post workout cleanse in without disrupting the skin’s balance by overstripping with too many washes. It does not require rinsing, but I usually go ahead and rinse. But, it can be used as a tissue off cleanser anytime as well.

It’s super soothing and the ph level is perfect for not disturbing skin. The scent, characteristic of Carita, is delicate and very French, and most likely is just the traces of the sandalwood oil present in this super soft emulsion. I can’t overstate how much I adore this cleanser. It has really improved my skin to add it to my morning routine, leaving it soft, moisturized, and powdery to touch – another unique texture that Carita has nailed. They even have a line called the Cotton line, which includes a cotton mask, serum, and cream, which leaves your skin feeling a lot like fluffed cotton, which I will have to blog on later. Carita is a landmark beauty company founded by sisters in 1945, and their products still speak chic luxury and beauty all over the world today. Carita is extremely exclusive mostly to five star spas and skin care institutes, and Chemistry is proud to be one of those. Their products needs to be experienced to be appreciated, and Chemistry provides an open, sensory, touch and feel experience at your convenience to explore Carita and so much more.