Clay from the Arctic Circle | Circ Cell Geothermal Clay Cleanser

DV8T9327I’ve been waiting to blog about this creamy minty concoction for a while now! It’s a really interesting product from Circ Cell. It’s slightly minty, slightly tingly sensation is usually something I completely avoid getting anywhere near my face (hello redness), so when I first tried it, I thought it smelled amazing but I was just not going to use it on face. Which I eventually ended up doing anyway, without any redness, stinging or discomfort whatsoever :).

But the hidden-jewel-fact I discovered in the meantime about this cleanser is that it is a stop-the-press incredible, on-the-spot, whole body spa treatment at home. It first started when I had the urge to wash my feet with it, which turned into a foot and calf massage with this luxurious clay, which is actually half clay and half oil in formula, so it’s perfect for massage. The relief to my achy sore legs and feet was nearly instant. I am a professing epsom salt bath addict for relief from those sore legs and feet, and this one small treatment was more effective than a twenty minute salt soak at banishing that fatigue and achiness.

Next thing you know, I was rubbing the clay into the back of my neck for “Macbook neck” tightness. And my shoulders…you get the picture! It’s like a multi-purpose gentle, soothing relief tincture with the adding benefit of leaving behind super smooth, moisturized skin. And like I said, I overcame my fears, and began massaging it into my face as well. Turns out my fears were unfounded and it was actually quite soothing and refreshing while remaining gentle on the face.

DV8T9321A quick breakdown on the magic in the bottle

  • geothermal clay sourced the Arctic Circle
  • macadamia, sweet almond, olive, and avocado oil
  • meadowfoam oil
  • Chilean soap bark extract
  • spearmint leaf oil
  • basil oil
  • elemi extract (antispetic and tonic benefits)

I am not sure which of these ingredients to attribute the pain relieving benefits of this clay to – maybe it’s the perfect combination of key ingredients, but it works crazy good things for these feet when they have a had a long day.