Kai Deodorant | Fresh, Clean, Green Odor Protection


Kai Deodorant is a welcome reprieve from the chalky, powdery, prone to stain your top, aluminum-filled deodorants that permeate the market and can seem like the only option out there. But they are not good for you! The underarm area melds completely with the breast tissue and also houses the lymph nodes, and is major area for body detoxification through sweat, so “plugging it up” constantly and preventing sweating altogether (which is what aluminum based anti-perspirants do) just can’t be that great of an idea in my book.

Now as much I love the scent of Kai perfume, I am also not always in the mood for it. So I thought maybe the deodorant would be a little too fragrant before I tried it and that it might conflict with another perfume. But not at all! It has a very fresh, clean, scent with the tiniest remnant of gardenia far in the background, that is nearly undetectable. It smells clean and pretty, with a lot of odor neutralizing qualities, so it does the job really well as a daily deodorant unless you need some crazy over the top odor protection, at which point it may fall somewhat short. For everyday use, it beautiful and so nice as an alternative to the chemical laden chalky stuff. It feels girly and ladylike to use it, and totally glamorizes deodorant, if that’s possible.

It’s not an anti-perspirant, and it’s paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate & gluten free. It also contains skin conditioning sugars and chamomile to soothe and take care of razored, delicate skin. It’s a great choice if you are looking to detoxify some of your routine and trade up for cleaner formulas