Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream & Instant Amazement


Whenever a customer comes in asking me what they can do about their puffy eyes, I get really excited, because that means I get to demo one of the most dramatic products to demo that we carry… Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream. So, when this says anti-puff, it means it is about obliterate the puffy fluid filled bags under your eyes, stat. I love the “OH MY GOSH!” moment when someone who has been brought down by puffy swollen eyes see the immediate, immaculate difference. Like Christmas.

This eye cream has a permanent spot (decanted into a small airless pump) in my travel bag, I do not fly without it now! Just a few taps of it around the orbital area, and it’s like you slept a full night, full stop. What’s in it? Good question. The base line ingredient of all the fabulous Clark’s Botanical products is jasmine extract, which has powerful circulatory benefits to the skin, and it has a detoxifying, flushing effect for those stubborn area that like to collect fluid. It is also very smoothing, producing a great base to out your makeup on top of. No primer needed when you use this eye cream, ever. It locks in moisture and plumps up as well. In addition to the jasmine, it contains vitamin c for brightening, vitamin k to combat dark circles (diminishes broken capillaries that darken the underye), ginseng, caffeine (both get the blood flowing as very well under eyes), vitamin e, and hyaluronic acid, which is the best known instant hydrating volumizer for skin known today. In short, this is an underye powerhouse.

It’s also very concentrated, so just the tiniest bit goes a long, long way, and the airless pump bottle is so much more sanitary and long lasting than jars. Brilliancy in formula and design is all a credit the brand’s founder, Francesco Clark, who has an amazing story behind his personal accident, recovery, and how skin care became a necessity during his recovery. Read about that here.

This product is one of my few must haves, and although I am pretty sure I have thousands of “loves” and “love to haves”, I have a precious few musts and this is one of them…