Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub in the Shower | One of My Best Friends

As the air dries out around us, so does our skin. That means, if you want to stay soft and smooth, you are going to have to engage in some sort of really good exfoliation. I’m really not one for extra steps in the shower, so my philosophy is if I’m going to do extra work, it is much easier to remember to do when it’s a sensory, spa like experience, and this is the only way to describe Juara’s Coffee Scrub. I came upon this first in the spa at one of our favorite hotels in America, the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. This is a certain favorite getaway spot and once upon a special getaway, I had a fantastic facial there and afterwards while wondering around in the spa shop, I found this little unassuming jar. Thank goodness out of curiosity I opened it, because once I smelled the strength of the earthy, chocolatey ground coffee beans in this thick blend, I swooped it up and gave it a try.

And I was completely in love at first use. And, have made sure never to run out of this scrub since. Using this is a full-on spa level experience in the shower, it’s thick and dense mix of Indonesian sumatra coffee beans (which just happens to also be my favorite bean) and walnut shells with a lot of circular scrubbing motions not only makes your shower smell absolutely incredible, it leaves your skin so soft, so new, it’s like you shed your winter skin for brand new, silken skin. The rice bran oil leaves your so moisturized but not oily or greasy for a second.


I can not say enough about this scrub, just, you have to try it this scrub. The way you feel using it is the first bit of wonderful, but the way your skin feels after will simply blow you away. Oh yeah, don’t forget your elbows, heels, and back…happy scrubbing. And oh yeah, you don’t have to go to Laguna Niguel to get a hold of this gem, we keep it in careful stock at Chemistry at all times. And we deliver.