Inky Chianti Glazed Lashes Courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge

You may not be that surprised to find out that I was very friendly with a certain Chanel counter lady when I was a teenager. Growing up in small South Carolina town (is that redundant?) was, retail-wise, a lot like living ten years back in time. The three hour drive to Atlanta was a common venture, because the local fashion and beauty options were generally scarce. I remember when the GAP opened, and we felt like someone opened a window to the rest of the shopping world. And when the old Belk Simpson department store launched a small Chanel counter, that was as if someone had reported gold in the mountain. I got myself down to that counter so often that the Chanel lady and I became fast friends, and luckily, she had great taste. Chanel pioneered the nineties in color, namely with the deepest shade lips and nails had seen to date, the iconic shade called Vamp. It was red. It was purple. It was chocolate. It was black, and all at the same time. Then one beautiful day, they launched the best thing to happen to mascara since it was invented: Vamp Mascara. I don’t know how many tubes of this I went through – many –  I loved it so much. I never went without it. It was shocking to think you would put something purpley-red around the eyes, but as my new friend the Chanel lady taught me, just add a couple of swipes on top of your black mascara; it tosses a dimension onto your lashes that’s mostly unnoticeable but yields a softer halo than straight black, which can get kind of boring once you’ve seen the simple touch of this shade on the lashes.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Oxblood Panache

Scrub forward from 1995 to 2015, and though Vamp nail polish is still sticking around, the mascara has long since been discontinued. Funny, since here in 2015 colored mascaras are as everywhere as they have ever been. Still I went without and stuck mainly to black and brown for quite some time, since every time I found and tried a red mascara, it wasn’t the same; it was too light, too something – just not it. That is, until a line that I had already fallen in love with for its watercolor glowy finishes and edited range of color, Rouge Bunny Rouge, unpacked its current eyelash megastar. In a formula that’s superior to the old Chanel version (mascara technology has exponentially exploded) and in a color that’s burgundy wine, ripe blackberries, cordovan and chocolate leathery perfection all poured into one perfect paste for the lashes… Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache 075. It’s a masterpiece mascara, the perfect color to offset blue or green eyes, and also adds beautiful dimension to brown. Most people who see you wearing it can’t tell it’s red; but in a certain sunlight may ask if you have some red on your lashes…it’s very subtle, and a great way to soften the blackness of traditional blackest black without sacrificing eyes that pop.

Sometimes I use this all alone, and in the fall with bronzes and browns, I like that particular look. But more often, I use it as I was introduced to it, on top of black. A perfect companion to pair with this (or a perfect stand alone inky black mascara) is Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara. So many Hollywod makeup artists use this because the formula holds curl and the brush is super fluffy and full of bristles that catch every little lash and really blow out the lashes with a full-on thickness as well. And together, these two are a match made in mascara heaven. Chianti glazed, inky lashes.


Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara’s dense brush tip

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