Valmont Cleansing With a Gel and Illuminating Foamer | Two Top Cleansers

DV8T9529Valmont Cleansing With a Gel must be the purest cleanser I have ever used, and probably the purest out there. It leaves your skin with the cleanest feel, and very, very soft. It washes the delicate eye area with perfect gentleness, smells perfectly of the alpine rose scent so known and loved, (like fresh cut flowers, green yet floral), and it rinses off completely in the first rinse. In that lovely ceramic milk-glass-like jar, it is a treasure to have in the shower and makes washing your face a lovely moment. The cleanser is super gentle and derived from coconut, and ginseng and green tea wake up the skin so you look primed and fresh. It works on all skin types, and is one of the most universal cleaners available. This is a fantastic switch to make especially if you have been using traditional foaming cleansers or soap and like the super clean feel – since Valmont’s Gel respects the skin’s balance while cleansing nicely and treating at the same time.

DV8T9535Valmont Illuminating Foamer

This cleanser is part of Valmont’s Expert of Light ritual; and all products in it are targeted to lighten sun spots and/or dark spots and restore radiance and evenness to the skin. This cleanser actively lightens and does a very good job of it, and actually, with too much use, I find my skin lightening a bit too much for my taste. But once or twice a week, I rotate it in, and I can always see the difference. It is a facial in a tube, really. It contains Niacinamide, which limits melanin transfer – so it is working to keep your skin from picking up those nasty little sun spots everyday you use it. It also has Zinc NMF in it, a sebum balancing property for oily skin; but it is a super luxurious cleanse that illuminates, soothes and hydrates. Skin emerges from washing with this feeling like it has already been through 3-4 steps of skincare! This is a great simple start to caring for skin if your are just getting into it, or a great simple addition to your normal routine to boost it with a little more “juice.”