The Organic Rx for Fatigue or Soreness | The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Soothing Muscle Soak


There’s nothing like a long hot bath as a way of pressing “reset” at the end of the day. My bathtub was recently out of commission for a while, and realizing what life was like without the chance to immerse myself in hot water for about twenty minutes every once in a while made me all the more appreciative of the power of the bath. I love my epson salt soaks and believe in them thoroughly for health and vitality. They are great for getting magnesium back into expended muscles, and especially in our hot climate where you sweat out a lot of the good stuff with the bad. Rebalancing that is key to re-energizing and getting the spring back in your step.

But if you want a potent bath that actually remedies sore, achy, or overly fatigued muscles, use the the salt but add arnica into the mix. This is a homeopathic remedy that really works! Arnica is much more widely used in Europe, where it is a staple drug store item, but here it usually is found at a health food store in the homeopathic section.  The Organic Pharmacy, however, has taken the hunt out of it and made one glorious bath soak that combines the two, and potently in their Arnica Soothing Muscle Soak. I’ve been combining arnica oil and epsoms salts in hot baths for years, but this puts them together and it’s a lot less mess, and the arnica is strong, just the way I like it. It also contains ginger, eucalyptus, and sunflower oil for softening the skin.

Arnica works by stimulating circulation and causing the white blood cells to attend to the site of application (or all over if in the bath) resulting in the flushing of congested areas of the muscles and tissue. It is a long known remedy for bruises for this reason, and it causes fluid release as well, so it’s toning and tightening to the body. Pretty much a miracle in a jar, and this formulation is mega-enhanced by the ginger for detoxification and eucalyptus for energy. Give yourself twenty minutes with this in hot water, and it mimics the effects of having a deep tissue sports massage on the legs, back, and everything else too. This will be by my tub steadily now, especially as we move into cooler days and nights – it is so warming and comforting that in the cold weather I’ll do it daily.