New & Instantly Classic | RMS Volumizing Mascara

I loved the feel of this product the moment I picked up the sleek, heavy, brushed silver tube. RMS Beauty is a natural brand though, and their mascaras are all natural…and I have never really had any luck whatsoever with natural mascaras. RMS has changed the game though. This formula gets a full five star rating. It reminds me so much of the classic Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. Ah, such a classic. The same type of skinny silver tube that felt so chic then and still does now. I loved the Clinique Naturally Glossy finish but it actually was not the best formula for straight lashed girls like me, who need curl staying power in the mascara or else the weight of the mascara actually flattens the lashes back out after curling. Beauty can be so cruel… Anyway, I had that problem with the Clinique version, and I was pretty sure I might have the same problem with this all natural formula too. Absolutely didn’t though. This formula leaves your lashes glossy for sure, with a rich polished pigmented shine, but amplifies them majorly, separates beautifully, and holds curl in very, very well. I have myself a new daily mascara in this formula, and just like with the RMS Uncoverup concealer/foundation and Buriti Bronzer, I love sticking with all natural or clean products for everyday, to lessen exposure to potentially not so good for you chemicals. This mascara makes me very happy, and it really just so much fun to put on and watch your lashes transform into what looks like naturally healthy, long, thick lashes every time. 🙂DV8T9784

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