Odacite Concentrates Are Science Bottled

This has to be the most fun way to treat and nourish your skin I have ever come across! Odacite is an innovative, health-focused company in California that has decided to take skincare ingredients super seriously, and I have to love that – but their delivery method and prescription-like lineup is also different and smart. Odacite invented the concept of packaging potent, all natural oils, extracts, and concentrates in blends specified to skin type or condition in small dropper vials that are meant to be used fairly quickly (about a month) since they use only the freshest ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. They are called Odacite Pure Elements and are coded by very periodic table reminiscent symbols that reveal each little dropper’s content. There are eighteen formulas covering everything from eye contour to acne. Here’s the chart of the Odacite Pure Elements:OD-077MoP-3T-1

These are highly concentrated, so they are meant to be mixed with moisturizer for application, and only applied directly for a much more intensive treatment. Or, for ulitmate radiance and skincare in your makeup, you can mix one or more of the concentrates with your foundation, BB Cream, or tinted moisturizer. A few drops is all you need per application, and they smell so fresh that there’s a garden vegetable or cut grass effect, ranging from floral blends to citrus to spices like cumin. Also, there are recommended “prescriptions” from Odacite that include two to three blends at a time for treating multiple issues at once.

Odacite blendsThese serums are a world onto themselves that I have only begun to play into. My first love from this brand is the very well-tolerated and great-for-everyone Acai Rose Youthful Glow [Ac + R] blend that is also known as the founder’s favorite blend. It smells like a cut rose with a bit of punch, and is the most perfect addition to foundation for glow all day, plumps up lines, and seals in moisture levels without overly “slicking” the skin. Acai is a superfood that addresses all issues of aging and is the most potent antioxidant available. I love mixing this with my Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream for the most natural healthy, protected skin without makeup.


Later, since I lean towards being dry to very dry, I got into the Moringa-Petitgrain Blend for Very Dry Skin [Mo + P]. This blend build up the skin with nourishing moringa oil and is full of essential fatty acids. It hydrates very deeply, and works extremely well paired with a super hydrating moisturizer, like Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme which I love to use at night. This oil’s smell is hard to describe, but very pleasant and calming, spa-like actually. It’s also perfect to add just one drop to body cream for elbows, knees, heels, or any other stubbornly dry spots. For anyone who battles dryness, this is a powerful little vial to have on hand. Overall this brand is amazing, and worthy to explore…