Finding Primer | Becca Backlight Priming Filter

DV8T9745When it comes to primers, I’m a minimalist. I love treatment and skin care so much, that I use up most of my time in the morning layering on peels, serums, creams, and suncreens. That extra layer of primer can overload the skin, so I’ve always looked at primer as an event makeup step, and still feel generally iffy about that too, given that I’ll probably need more makeup for an event anyway, and so, the same dilemma repeats itself. That’s the problem with primer. I just feel that you can only put about three layers on the skin before it all goes south, and you end up having to wash your face and start all over. Still, I do regularly use a primer on two areas that don’t get as much skincare and really benefit from a base prime: the eyelids and the lips. I love how much truer my makeup colors are and how much longer they last with a primed base. But with the rest of face, I feel that potent skincare outweighs primer in value over the long run – since it is treating, correcting, and preventing not just covering, and you can’t have it all…can you?

I’m starting to think that maybe you can, ever since I have picked up my first bottle of Becca Backlight Priming Filter. When I saw it, and heard the name “filter” I was drawn in. It has a beautiful pearlized swirl to it, but I most loved the translucency it carries, which you can see by looking at in the bottle. I really wanted to try it, but was pretty sure I would need to report that it was an “event” type product – given that it looked so light conducting. I figured even though it was beautiful, it would probably be too much for everyday wear. The conclusion I came to after using it, however, was exactly the opposite.

The formula is so super thin and absorbs and disappears into skin so fast, that it is immediately undetectable. This is not the case with many primers, actually most of them. Backlight is aptly named because it is the first primer I have found that “fades into the background” so to speak; yet makes a great deal of difference in your complexion. It is not “sparkly” or “shimmery” at all; and when applied, it looks like you maybe just had a facial. It lends a glow, a subtle glow, and light reflection on the face’s contours. Simple, and pretty.

I use it over a serum and cream, and my skin does not feel slick, oily or cakey, and after all day wear and tear, there was zero “pilling”…the greatest woe of layering skincare, when products start to sort of peel off and flake on your skin. None of that whatesoever with this. I can see why, too, since it has a wonderful toning effect to it. The way your skin drinks it up, it tightens and tones the skin, it is like Spanx for your face. Yes. That’s the best analogy. So you can see why I am in love with this! And it lasts all day and keeps my makeup in place ALL DAY. It even keeps me looking fresh past the dreaded 4-6 pm slump (greatest feat of all). Then, at the end of the day, I have noticed something very interesting: my skin feels markedly less dirty. When using Backlight, it just does not hold onto the dirt and particles of the day the same as it usually does, so washing my face is easier than usual. My skin comes cleaner faster, since there’s less dirt to remove. So the product creates a very thin barrier as well, protecting your skin with Vitamin E, while the licorice extract in it probably contributes more to the toning and tightening effect. Also, I have used this a highlighter only – and it’s a simple, natural highlight option for times you may want to look “brighter” yet not “highlighted”. I have finally found an everyday primer. Amazing work, Becca.