Improvement Among Lips | the Balm File

So the weather is drying out and so are your lips. And if you are a year-round lip balm lover (hello, I am too), your lips can most definitely benefit from a change of formula now and then. Different nutrients do different things. So change is good, and I’ve got two new fall friends in the world of lip balm, and one old friend that I just can’t part with anytime of year.

Nuxe Reve De MielLet’s start there, with the French cult favorite Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm. First of all, this is a lip treatment, as it is the thickest formula for lips ever plus it has minuscule grains in it to exfoliate those dry spots – a must before any matte lipstick or strong color. The way is works is, you kind of paint it on first, then rub it deeply into your lips. At night, you can stop there. If you are applying lipstick or it’s daytime, wipe your lips off with a tissue and you will find the softest, reimagined lips without any of the usual slickness or slip of balms (which can change the finish and wear time of your lipstick, gloss or liner.) This is a pure formula that is natural and is packed with amazing oils: honey, sunflower, musk rose and almond oils, plus shea butter and grapefruit essence. It tastes so good and smells so good and simple, just like soft honey. And a little jar lasts a very time, because it’s so thick you only use a tiny bit a time. This is a true staple beauty product. Great for kids, too, especially in winter, and guys, too, since there’s no shine at all – it keeps their lips in shape without the glossiness.

Rodial Glam Balm MultiNext up is my new favorite, and a new discovery for me, Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Balm Multi. I used the original GlamBalm years ago, and now they have relaunched with proprietary blends of hyaluronic spheres and alpine rose stem cells for anti-aging effects and radical moisture. They have two versions of GlamBalm now, this one and a pot version which is much thicker, and I love that one also. However, what I appreciate about this formula is that it is so unique for a lip balm, and it is multi-purpose and can be used anywhere – so that may be why it’s a formula that has much more slip to it, and it could be described as a cream-gel in texture. It is very healing and soothing on the lips, super softening, looks great on top of lipstick, and I am addicted to its awesome scent on top of that. The hyaluronic spheres bring plump, and though it needs to be reapplied several times a day – (it’s not the most long lasting of lip balms) applying it is pretty fun to do since it smells so gooood. So I’m keeping this one in my bag lately, and loving it. It also goes on elbows, heels, cuticles, dry patches, anywhere that needs a healing does of moisture and it’s a handy size for that many purposes. As winter creeps up on us, it is a great idea to have a tube of this close by at all times.

Eve Lom Kiss MixThird, Eve Lom Kiss Mix. I chose to write about these three balms since there was something unique about each of them that stood out from the lip balm pack, and this one’s completely different from the other two. It is very protective due to the zinc oxide in it, and ever so slightly menthol-spearmint medicinal in smell. It tingles just a bit when you put it on, and I really think it’s the luxurious, thicker version of Blistex for people that like the treatment type of lip balms. I am not a Blistex fan, although that stuff works, but I love this creamy balm. This is the balm for winter, and especially in windy or dry cold conditions it’s great. It’s thick, but sinks deep into the lips and wears really well. This is also another great find for the whole family, as it is never greasy, has a fresh mint smell, and is super protective for your lips against the outdoor elements. Happy balming this Fall.