RMS Unpowder | Hit the Matte Button

DV8T0053Due to the demure packaging, my general love/hate relationship with powder, or whatever else, it took me a very long time to try this. I purchased it long before I actually came around to dipping into it and fluffing some on my face. Maybe also because it looks so white in the jar, I just couldn’t see how I was going to use that whiteness without leaving whiteness on my face as well. Now, like I said I have a love/hate thing going on with powder. I love it, in a vacuum, but after my layers of skincare, serums, and dewifiers (invented word alert) are on, a powder layer worries me. That it’s going to stick, cake, or basically make things look very bad. But, if I want to use any powder blush, bronzer, etc, it’s most necessary, because without that powder barrier those are going to stick, cake and clump – and that’s bad territory. Sometimes I use a mineral powder for this step, I had a Chanel Les Beiges phase – but it’s still pretty creamy and a bit heavier than I prefer, and refined white or translucent pressed powders or HD left a white cast. So, powder has not really been one of my favorite steps for quite some time. I am so happy to report though, that relief is here: RMS Unpowder, the loose powder that looked that whitest and I suspected would work the least, has become my hero.

DV8T0083This powder is literally invisible, and completely undetectable on the the skin. It’s like taking your finish from glossy to flat with the touch of the powder brush button. The texture of the power is cloudy, not grainy or particle heavy because the particles are light as air. It is absolutely amazing to set concealer, because it will not cake up, and now that the weather’s cooler I can use this all over the face and enjoy a softened, matte finish all day. It’s a superb change in the powder game.

Get the RMS Unpowder here.