Brows Done | Southern Fringe Brow Perfecter Gels

Southern Fringe Brow Perfecter is plucked straight from my must have list and they are a true essential. These gels are smoothing, densifying, and setting for your brows. They work great as a quick fix when time is short, or as a final step when you already used a pencil or powder on your brows… and the color range is so versatile, many of us can use two shades. Clear is for the most natural, baby-brow effect and works on everyone. I use Neutral for a perfect match, but the Blonde shade adds a very subtle highlight effect that I really like for casual, tan or bronzed looks, it adds a lot of dimension to your brows to go with a slightly lighter color match. The color in these is not extremely pigmented, so these blend into brows super beautifully and keep them behaving for the length of the day. Even after you have done your regular brow routine, a swipe or two of these still makes a big difference. And the polished, finished, you – is ready to go.