Dream Skin

I stand completely behind my daily dose of The Cure Sheer Cream by Natura Bisse as an all-around treatment and complexion evener, and so much so that it took me a long time to actually try the Unifying with a Hydrating Cream by Valmont. Valmont is not exactly the most succinct with names, but their products are amazingly effective, and worlds apart from most anti-aging lines out there, so I happily give them a pass on the harder to remember names they use – plus, they are Swiss, and speak French and German, so the translations are a bit skewed in English. Enter Unifying with a Hydrating Cream. Ignore the long name; it should be relabeled Dream Skin if you ask me.

So one day I got all experimental and started mixing this dreamy stuff with my The Cure Sheer Cream, and it added something different to the mix, blurring out more imperfections and as it was slightly more mattifying in texture, and it seemed to quiet down any reflective spots just enough. The reason I started with a 1/2 portion of the cream was because the color (Beige Nude) looked a little too dark for my color; however, it didn’t add any depth to the color at all when massaged in – which is how I discovered later, when I used it alone, that this a tinted treatment moisturizer in the true sense, so a darker-leaning shade is actually better, since it is going to be much more diffused than a foundation would and will lighten up in the process.

DV8T0898So you need not shy away from the deeper color, although there are two shades and the lighter one (called Light Pearl) is for fair to very fair skin. Medium to dark tones all will love Beige Nude, however. And, there’s always the trusted buy both and mix technique for those of that teeter between bronzed and not so bronzed fairly often.

Back to the first time I used the dream cream – as the day wore on, my skin was feeling better and better than ever. Late in the day, it felt like satin. Even velvety. Turns out, this hydrator contains Valmont’s triple DNA complex to rebuild skin from the cellular level and is full of stimulating White Lupine extracts to boost the complexion and condition of the skin. It also uses a double hydrating complex, so skin is soft and babylike with no oiliness or greasiness whatsoever. I’m so utterly in love with this, a simple Swiss formula to perfect and beautify everyday. So I am currently, blissfully, alternating between this and The Cure Sheer or mixing the two together to get the benefits of both.