Special Thanks

Today: the time to be still and reflect on the long list of things I’m so very grateful for, and maybe you share the same feeling and some of the same thanks. For all the wonderful things that have made 2015 a truly great year, including times of growth, and times of contraction. Moments of passion, and moments of discipline. Stretching, patience, joy, love, exasperation. All the elements that make life what it is. And for its unique ability to forge us into spirits we could never will ourselves to be on our own.

Expressing Huge Special Thanks for;

  • Family. My husband and kiddos are always numero uno, love them eternally.IMG_7614IMG_0909
  • Puppies, for the endless laughter and smiles they provide.IMG_1676
  • Never feeling ‘comfortable’ – Lord knows He won’t let me. Parenting just isn’t easy…IMG_6746
  • New babies (My two week old nephew to be specific; Juuuust Heaven.)DV8T0229
  • The Chemistry team. Can’t believe they are EVEN REAL. THEY. ARE. SO. AWESOME. Thanks Ladies, for being so fantastic. DV8T7832
  • Legs to run on. And Hokas. Mileage with benefits. 🙂IMG_0935
  • Mountains. I get to them as often as I can.IMG_1911
  • Flowers, they celebrate us.IMG_9994
  • And, perfume. Also flowers…
  • Coaches & Teachers. Heroes of the universe.IMG_0311
  • My grandparents. All of them.
  • And of course, Mom and Dad. 🙂
  • Long road trips down scenic highways, mostly through Wyoming or Utah…DV8T5871
  • Voices, and music. Especially the sound of my daughter at the piano.
  • Lip gloss; it livens up the face
  • Hand written notes & letters
  • CoffeeDV8T5718
  • Bedtime
  • Wee morning hours, typing away with my dogs besideIMG_0341
  • SunshineIMG_9961
  • Rain, and running in the rain mostly.DV8T9877
  • SnowIMG_0273
  • Pasta, Cheese and Chocolate.
  • Little Adventures. IMG_0257


Happy Thanksgiving. Stay grateful.