Wash Day

Whether you are reorganizing after a house full of people, or unpacking and washing up after Thanksgiving travel, fresh, fluffy clean sheets and towels are one of life’s most appreciated simple luxuries. And let me tell you, if you ever make the switch from big box store detergents to fine, purely fragranced washes like these from The Laundress you will think of me as your best friend for cluing you into them. Your clothes, linens and laundry can smell amazing and be cleaned more safely for you – non toxic – and more safely for your clothes and linens – gentle, treating washes not harsh detergents.

 The Laundress has something for everyone, whether fresh and sporty is your vibe, you love that baby soft smell, or you like a little fragrance in your linens – or lingerie.

Some of my favorites:

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo: This has changed my sweater experience completely, and I will never dry clean again! Simply fill a bathtub or sink with cold water and a little of this soak a bit, swish a bit, then air dry sweaters, hats, scarves, etc for the softest, best smelling fabrics in the world. Why this is not recommended on labels over dry cleaning – I have no idea, because it takes all the scratchiness and itchiness out of sweater wearing and takes much better care of the fabrics. Not to mention all the dry cleaning money I’m saving now.

Baby Detergent: I discovered this when my wee ones were still, well “wee” but now I use it for sheets, towels, shirts, anything I want to smell light and fresh.

Delicate Wash in Lady: For undies, bras, lingerie, and sometimes sheets. so gentle and soft – lavender, musk, and bergamot all reside quietly in your lace after caring for your delicates with this.

Sport Wash: Perfect for gym clothes and kids’ clothes, especially tough, stinky, sweaty socks and all the other things that come with athletes. You can trust me on this, since I have four of them, and our house can go from “clean” to “locker room” in ten minutes of arrival on any given Sunday. Also the Sport Spray is a fantastic freshener that smells only like clean clothes and can be used on shoes, bags, cars, or people – wherever and whenever for instant freshening.

DV8T0954The Laundress & Le Labo Rose 31: I first used Rose 31 in the form of shampoo and conditioner at a hotel and the rose musk scent is out-of -control good. When I found out this was in the The Laundress’ lineup I was over the moon. It smells too good for detergent. I want to bathe in it myself actually (and they have the body wash for that). But this is for blankets, clothing, and all the things that I want to surround myself with this winter.

The Laundress full line is at Chemistry, and there is so much more than I can capture here. Be prepared to love the laundry room again.