StriVectin Anti Aging Lip Tint | the Balm with 5x the Benefits

I know you’re not ‘supposed to’, but I kinda love multi-tasking. Actually, to clarify, I love tasks with multiple benefits. So when it comes to the chore (ok, I actually really like it so I can’t call it a chore) of lip maintenance, I am learning about products that don’t just make my lips better for twenty minutes, but work towards long term improvement every time I put them on, and with all the technology out there now, I am getting pretty spoiled and I am beginning to require that all my products are multi-taskers of some sort.

Strivectin has made the cut, for many of their products but a simple way to start with the line is with their little anti-aging lip tint. Strivectin Anti Aging Lip Tint promises 5 benefits in one lip product…it  minimizes the look of lip lines, delivers a moisturized feel, restores visible softness, creates a silky-smooth appearance, and enhances natural lip color.

This little powerhouse does all that and more. It’s a fast favorite of mine since the firming and plumping benefits are *instant*. The word that comes to mind is density – the formula is ultra thick, but not even the least bit tacky, it is very smoothing and glides on readily and lasts a long time on the lips even with my coffee habit ways…and adds a healthy dose of SPF 20 in as well. Huge plus for preventing future collagen loss and aging that is far too uncommon in great lip products. The pinkish coral-y shade is a blended in lip enhancing color, with no obvious color but looks like brighter, healthier lips. It also contains my favorite lip moisture base, shea butter.
But the most compelling reason to use this day and night, has to do with the the NIA-114 molecule, which is in all the StriVectin products. It’s patented; it’s a molecule that delivers Niacin directly to skin cells to initiate cell healing from within. It’s a product line with 35 years of clinical research and results behind it, and I’m so very happy that they decided to clinically address lips.

The tint comes in two shades, pink/rose is the one shown and there is a deeper plum shade as well.