Eye Power | Esquido Lashes

Esquido is a little lash brand that’s getting some big play on Instagram for it’s BIG celebrity following (think Karlie Kloss, Gig Hadid, Rihanna, Candace Swanepole…and I think the rest of the Victoria Secret Angels as well). The huge draw of these lashes is that they are made from uber-soft natural mink hair so they look very, very, authentic like real…well, real LONG lashes! And they have designed a light cotton band instead of the rubber plastics that are normally used to attach to the eye for supercomfortable long wear. Sounds pretty great, you’re almost convinced, right? And even if you’ve never worn lashes before. Well, to go ahead and seal the deal for you, these lashes look amazing on, and let’s enter some logic: for the Holidays, why not? Cameras will be flashing whether or not you like it  – so you might as well lash out with some falsies and look just a bit better than better this year. If you’re traveling, throw these in the bag and attach before party. Repeat for additional parties. See, all better. Lash power.


There are some seriously beautiful styles from this brand that treats lashes like the study in architecture that they are. Look at this stunning design drawing from their creation team!


Finally, these beauties come in many styles, but the most natural and flattering styles are two easy to wear styles called Unforgettable and Little Black Dress.

The Little Black Lash set the most believable look of all. It’s like your own lashes, just with 3x the hairs.

Esquido Little Black Lash

Unforgettable is the set for some serious extra pump without going completely all out glam.

Esquido Unforgettable

This Christmas, don’t forget to pack your lashes! 😉